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JB PTA Single-Check Form

JB PTA Single-Check Form

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PTA Membership: Please support your child’s school by belonging to the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association). Dues are $10 per adult. Don’t forget your spouse! Grandparents welcome too! Includes membership in the City, County, State and National PTAs! help
1 Adult [+$10.00]
2 Adults [+$20.00]
3 Adults [+$30.00]
4 Adults [+$40.00]
PTA Sponsored Programs, Grants, Assemblies, Enrichment, Curriculum Support, Special Programs, Teacher Supplies, and so much more! We are asking for a $180 contribution per student, but please give any amount that you can. This donation is tax-deductible help
1 Child [+$180.00]
2 Children [+$360.00]
3 Children [+$540.00]
4 Children [+$720.00]
Library: Sponsor a Book. Help expand our Library’s collection and sponsor a book, magazine or library supplies. $20 per book, but any amount will help.
1 Book [+$20.00]
2 Books [+$40.00]
3 Books [+$60.00]
4 Books [+$80.00]
5 Books [+$100.00]

If you'd like to donate an amount that is not listed here, please use the paper single-check form in your child's back-to-school packet or please pick one up from the office. Also, many companies match charitable donations, so do check with your organization's HR or Benefits team if they do this. This attached flyer can help you with corporate matching. Thank you for all your support!